Let’s Hear It for the Baguette

Today, Google is marking the 22nd anniversary of the ‘décret pain’: the official recognition of the French baguette.

Back in 1993, there was much talk in the press about where the French baguette was heading; it was amassing additives, went dry quickly and was often too thin at the ends (which is often still the case to be honest). So in an effort to safeguard the production and, most notably, composition of the baguette, the French government took protective action and introduced the décret pain.

However, there is still debate over how effective the décret pain actually is. This article on lepoint.fr argues that it doesn’t ban the use of additives, it only limits it. Meanwhile, this piece from Roland Feuillas questions why the baguette, which is less than a hundred years old, is protected while other forms of bread are not.

In any case, it is to the décret pain, introduced in 1993, that today’s google.fr doogle is dedicated. So let’s hear it for the baguette.

Decret Pain

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After graduating in French and Italian, I moved to Paris with neither a job nor a home to speak of. This blog charts the progress I have made, as well as thoughts, comments and observations on all things French.
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