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Post-Erasmus Blues: What’s the Diagnosis?

What exactly is ‘post-Erasmus syndrome’? Does it border on depression? That’s the question asked in a recent article published by Le Monde, which includes interviews with former Erasmus students. As far as my experience is concerned, depression is too strong a … Continue reading

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It’s La Rentrée, Don’t Forget

Anyone in France been living under a rock recently? It would have been the only way to avoid the tidal wave that is la rentrée. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, picture this: it’s the last week in August … Continue reading

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It’s All Graffiti

Children provide some of the most amusing conversations on the metro. This week it was an English girl who, as we went from one station to another, suddenly said, “Look Daddy, someone’s written on the wall!” “It’s called graffiti, sweetheart,” … Continue reading

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