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Health at a Glance: Inequality in the EU

“More effective prevention and quality care are needed to achieve further gains in population health and reduce health inequalities in EU countries.” This is the key finding of the OECD’s report Health at a Glance: Europe 2016. Though life expectancy rose … Continue reading

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The Reason Behind BHV’s ‘Noël So British’

When I first saw that the BHV Marais department store had chosen Great Britain as its Christmas theme, I assumed it was due to the popularity of all things British on this side of the Channel. However, this week I discovered … Continue reading

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It’s Official (ish): The French Drink More than the Brits

Here’s some interesting data for all those who have been on the giving or receiving end of a remark such as “Ah you’re English, I bet you can drink then!” According to a report released earlier this week, the French … Continue reading

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